New Korean dramas on Netflix 2015

Korean dramas hit mainstream and now have the U.S. entertainment industry for the past years — and have gained quite of popularity. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon movie streaming instant sites have released the some great Korean dramas and movies with English titles.  How to watch Kdramas and movies on these sites? Go to the site: Search for the drama’s title you like, if the drama is available you will see it, then signup for a month trail, and you can stream instantly (free for a month on Netflix) simple is that.

The List Kdramas On Hulu Instant, Click Here.

For, you may not be able to find the list of all Kdrama releases that are available to watch. Netflix adds and deletes TV shows and movies monthly.  To make your life easier I have composed the list of kdramas on Neflix includes new releases: “added” and expiration: “deleted”.  I will try to keep the list as up to date and accurate as possible.  But if you see anything incorrect, have suggestions, comments or anything you’d like to share please drop a line in the comment box.

Best New Kdramas of 2015, Click Here.

Here’s the list of all best and new Korean dramas feature on Netflix for streaming online free (trial sign up required).

Last Updated: January 2015 – February 2015 (170 FB Shares!) – March 2015

  1. Angel Eyes (FEB) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  2. The Moon Embracing the Sun (FEB) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  3. Goddess of Marriage (FEB) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  4. Gu Family Book (FEB) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  5. It’s Okay, That’s Love (FEB) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  6. Good Doctor (Jan) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  7. Coffee Prince (Jan) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  8. K-POP Extreme Survival (Jan) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  9. God’s Gift – 14 Days (Jan) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  10. Fated to Love You (Jan) – [Synopsis & Details] [Trailer]
  11. You’re All Surrounded
  12. When A Man Loves – Popular
  13. The Great Queen Seondeok – Popular
  14. You Are Beautiful
  15. Boys Over Flowers
  16. Cheongdam-dong Alice – Popular – Expired
  17. City Hunter
  18. Cunning Single Lady
  19. Dr. Jin – Popular – Expired
  20. Doctor Stranger
  21. Five Fingers – Popular – Expired
  22. A Gentleman’s Dignity – Expired
  23. The Great Doctor – Expired
  24. A Hundred Years’ Inheritance – Popular – Expired
  25. I Need Romance
  26. It’s Okay, That’s Love
  27. Playful Kiss
  28. Rooftop Prince – Expired
  29. Secret Garden – Popular
  30. She is Wow!
  31. Shut Up Flower Boy Band
  32. That Winter The Wind Blows
  33. To the Beautiful You – Expired
  34. A Word from Warm Heart

Popular: based on the stats showed the most clicks and views from viewers coming to this page (Checked on Feb 27, 2015). 

Expired: no longer available for streaming on Netflix due to its licensing expiration.

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